Steroids cream treatments ———May cause serious consequences

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Topical steroids creams have been often used in treatment of various skin conditions such as eczema to reduce inflammation, itchiness and different allergy caused skin symptoms. But in recent years, patients have been witnessing a rise of side effects caused by the higher demand of steroid dose cream for stronger effect which attracted the attention of many doctors and researchers. 

At present, steroid drugs in the treatment of skin diseases come in three different forms: topical, oral and injection

Steroid cream is found in many Western medicine when it comes to skin diseases. It is most commonly used in treatment of eczema, prurigo, dermatitis, etc. Steroids are especially subscribed for any skin disease which cause itching since there is a certain antipruritic effect. But for infectious skin diseases, not only steroids will have no effect but it will actually aggravate the condition.

If there is a long-term use, the effect of steroid can become addictive and the side effects can be especially dangerous for infant or toddlers. There are about 20 kinds of different side effects. 

The most common issues from topical steroids:

Once used the treatment, the skin condition improves greatly but as soon the treatment is discontinued within couple days the treated area (especially the face) will start itching, sore, scaling and even cracking causing the skin condition to worsen. This is rebound dermatitis. Then we re-apply the steroids to receive a temporary relief. The skin improves quickly but as soon there is a stop, the cycle starts again creating a total dependance over the steroid medication. A few months or years later, the affected area may appear erythema, thinner and fragile skin, stretch-marks, bruising, rosacea. It can also increase hair growth and higher level of sweating.

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